Living Life Together (LLT) Training Program

Our world and our country is in a time of mass globalization which has created an amazing opportunity to Love and learn from our neighbors from the Middle East and North Africa.  And although many of us desire to build friendships with our refugee neighbors, it can sometimes feel difficult to know where to start.


For this reason, we offer a 12-week program focused on learning how to overcome obstacles while building lasting friendships with neighbors.  Every other week, trainees will participate in a 90-minute phone call and/or video chat with Rich, totaling 9 hours of one-on-one training.  These sessions are a time of teaching and learning and will include topics like: Understanding our motivations, embracing hospitality, exploring cultural freedoms and understanding Islam. 

Each session includes practical examples of how to apply these lessons in your community as you seek to Love your neighbors. 

In between sessions trainees will be given voluntary field assignments.  These are customized for the trainee and based on their experience and community surroundings.  With guidance, voluntary field assignments can include things like visiting a Mosque or Halal grocery store and are designed to help trainees take steps toward building lifelong, meaningful friendships. 

Our 12-week LLT program costs $120/month per individual (or per couple) and is adjusted for groups or organizations accordingly.  If you are interested in learning more, please email to schedule a phone call to discuss the LLT training program.